Hi, I'm Kit Symes

Welcome to my portfolio!
I'm a game networking enthusiast who's especially interested in VR!
First Class BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Programming.

C# Networking API for Unity

My Final Year Project for University was to create a C# Networking API for Unity using .NET's features from scratch.
I have been interested in Networking for many years, and this project really deepened my understanding of networking in games.
Featuring both TCP and UDP data transport, it can connect multiple clients to a Host or Server and automatically synchronise script variables, function calls and some component information.

The Two Magneteers (C++)

University Group Project to build an entire Game Engine and Game from scratch.
2 Player Local Co-Op Puzzle Platformer with 5 Levels.
Written in C++ using DirectXTK, IMGUI and Nlohmann's Json API.

SDL Emblem (C++)

This was originally a Mario Bros. clone for University Coursework, I pushed myself to expand on it and created a Fire Emblem style game that I'm proud of.
Written in C++ using SDL2.
Features 6 unique levels with 4 playable unit types.

About Me

I'm a huge video game fan, and spend the majority of my time either playing or making them. I also have an interest in Japan and have been studying Japanese for a few years, and enjoy translating things occasionally.
Here are some of the skills I've picked up doing the things I love:


I have been using C++, C# and Java for years, and have used Python, Visual Basic and others to varying extents.

I have learnt DX11, OpenGL and more about C++ at University, and am actively developing my skills.

Source Control

I have used GitHub to manage my personal and University projects, and have recently started using Perforce's Helix Core.

I've been in charge of the repositories for group projects, including fixing merge conflicts and making sure the Main branch stays safe.

Creating Games

I started creating Minecraft plugins back in 2015, and have since grown to creating games and engines in C# and C++. I've created 2D games (and an engine) with DirectX and SDL, and a 3D Physics engine with DX11.


I have been using Unity for more than 5 years, and have prototyped many different types of games, ranging from 2D, 3D, Multiplayer and VR.

Unreal Engine

I'm striving to improve my skills with Unreal, as I haven't been using it as long as other tools.

I helped create the StaffsVerse, a virtual recreation of Staffordshire University in Unreal Engine 5 on a 6 week work experience scheme ran by the University.

Other Creations

As a hobby I enjoy creating models and textures using Blender (and have made some scripts to help with that) and image editing software such as Photoshop and Paint.Net.

When it comes to simple SFX I simply adore BFXR and have used it in several small projects, such as SDL Emblem.

Social Media

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