Kit Symes

Welcome to my portfolio!
I'm Kit, I was born in 2002 and am a video game enthusiast.

Toybox (Unity)

Toybox is a project I am working on in Unity, which will be a collection of small games I wish to experiment with.
The first mode I am working on is a Multiplayer 1st Person Tower Defence game, designed to allow for VR Integration once it is running.
Follow its development on my Twitter.

SDL Emblem (C++)

A Fire Emblem themed game, written using SDL2, for University Coursework. Also includes a required Mario demo.

PacChamp (C++)

A Twitch-themed Pacman clone written in C++ with a university provided toolset, this was my first project in C++ and served as an introduction to animation, collision, input and rendering at a low level.

Networked Player Stats Tracker (Java)

This is a tool designed for a live virtual tabletop game, to allow players to see their actions and health in real time.
My first project using networking, it turned out well and helped spark an interest in making shared experiences.

About Me

I'm a huge video game fan, spending the majority of my time either playing or making them. Here are some of the skills I've picked up in doing so!

Programming Languages

I am confident in C#, C++ and Java, but have also used Python, Visual Basic, SQL and others.


Although I have not used traditional command-line Git, I am comfortable its the concepts and am able to use similar tools such as GitHub Desktop to commit, fork, merge and resolve conflicts.


I have used the Unity Game Engine for several years now and am comfortable with its concepts and extensions.


I use Blender to create models, and like to learn new ways to use its tools, interface and workflow.

Social Media

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